It's Time to Start Your Basketball Development

Our individual training is an effective means through which a player can improve. Elite Basketball training helps players at all levels improve their game through these training sessions. During the 1 on 1 session, we work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide tangible results and improve your development.

Ball handling, shooting, defensive and offensive footwork, passing, and rebounding are some of the elements of focus during these sessions. A complete assessment is issued to the player to determine his/her strengths and weaknesses. After consulting with the player and the parent, a decision is made on the best training methodologies moving forward

Our skills training is a combination of basketball lessons. During these 60 minute sessions, we teach skills such as shooting form, and body positioning mechanics, shooting off the dribble, reading the defense, reading screens, basic ball-handling, advanced ball-handling, one-on-one offense and defense, team defense, post offense and defense, basketball psychology, and much much more. Skills session is designed to elevate your game at all levels.

Group training is best for friends, team, and individuals that play together on a team or program. Players get to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and improve on aspects of their game.

The advanced pack is designed for athletes with the aspiration of playing collegiate basketball & beyond. We teach and prepare you physically & mentally. We break down defense mechanisms, read and react to situations, and boost your play with the utmost confidence prior to embarking on the journey of being a D1-Athlete or Pro Athlete.

Strength training is essential to health and wellness, and a key component to being a better athlete. The better conditioned you are for your respective sports or development, the minuscule your risk of injury during a sporting event becomes. Strength training increases your sustainability to outlast opponents’ physicality on the hardwood floor and field. Strength training complements skill development 

Hidden Hours ($350 every 4 weeks)

  • 2 (90-min) Hidden Hours Workouts  per week
  • 2 (45-min) Skill Pack Sessions per week 
  • 1 (60-min) Strength development per week
  • 1 (60-min) Conditioning

Hidden Hours Unlimited ($525 every 4 weeks)

  • Unlimited (90-min) Hidden Hours Workouts per week
  • Unlimited (45-min) Skill Pack Sessions per week
  • 4 (60-min) Strength development training per week
  • Guaranteed Spot in Full Sessions (with 24 hours notice)